Of Shade & Showboats


When Donald Trump fired James Comey in the most shady termination I’ve ever witnessed, I had to purse my lips, tilt my head, shake it and think, “All right then.” But as with all things Trump, it didn’t take long for that shade to boomerang back. I don’t think Trump understands the follow through on shade—you throw it, you stand back, you say nothing.

It’s the “say nothing” part that Trump just can’t do. He had to bring up that January 27 dinner, which Trump asserts was requested by Comey as he “wanted to stay on” as director of the FBI. So Comey gets his chance to throw some shade of his own. And to my practiced eye, Comey might be better at it than Trump.

It seems there are people close to Comey who are also close to the New York Times. And in the area of advanced shade throwing, nothing quite beats having other people throw it for you. It’s more credible that way, and one’s own fingerprints aren’t all over it.

So when the Comey supporters come in with an alternate narrative for that dinner saying Trump was asking for a pledge of Comey’s loyalty, the shade just got thrown back.


And then there’s the Valentine’s Day meeting where Trump allegedly asked Comey to let the investigation into Michael Flynn “go.” Coming from someone who can actually fire you and who asked you for what amounts to some kind of medieval fealty a couple of weeks earlier, I would take that as—shall we say?—a request. When your response is to continue and seek to expand the investigation, and you get fired for it…well, then I guess it wasn’t a request, but an order. Or an implied threat.

All of that comes from the Comey memo, parts of which were read to the New York Times by, you guessed it, one of Comey’s “associates.” Ok, this is getting good. This isn’t response shade—this is preemptive shade.

Now we all want to see that memo, and all the memos, and we can’t wait for Comey to testify before Congress in an open session. (Please, Lord, let it be open.) And Trump himself called Comey a “showboat.”

Well, it looks like the showboat is coming to town, and the ratings should be through the roof.

And as a bit of side shade, Vladimir Putin just couldn’t resist getting into the act with his offer to provide a transcript of Trump’s meeting with Russian officials during which he reportedly divulged classified information. Now, I don’t like it when it’s thrown at America, but Putin’s highlighting our political turmoil with this shade is worthy of a begrudged “nicely done.”

So while we wait for the details of who will get Comey in open hearings first, I went ahead and got an answer to the other Comey question that’s been on my mind. With all those clips of him lumbering across rooms, I just had to know.

Six feet, eight inches. Showboat, indeed.



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