Turnabout, Bright Eyes


Step away from that LuAnn platter, guys.

Why take your mom to Luby’s again this year for Mother’s Day when you could expose her to the Bearded Ladies at this year’s Turnabout Show at the Round-Up?

The annual Does Your Mother Know? drag extravaganza features employees of the Round-Up all dolled up and ready to raise money for R.E.B.A (The Round-Up Employee Benevolent Association). That means your favorite bartender could be showcasing boobies instead of biceps. Titties instead of triceps. Bazoongas instead of…ok, you get the point.

All we know is you’ll love every wigged-out minute.

So bring lots of ones, fives, tens and twenties to tip these scruffy señoritas during their show this Sunday.

Because just like that LuAnn platter, it’s sure to be a gas.

Does Your Mother Know? Turnabout Show
Sunday, May 14
8:00 p.m.
The Round-Up Saloon
3912 Cedar Springs Road, Dallas



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