Grab Life By The Globe


We love Earth.

Our recycling bin, counter full of organic fruit and hemp-based lube say so.

But as much as we try our best to conserve resources and go out of our way to buy sustainable goods, we also love receiving daily shipments from Amazon Prime. (Probably not the friendliest thing to the planet when we get a large cardboard box with nothing in it but a pair of fingernail clippers.)

So we always like to learn how we can be better citizens of the third rock from the sun.

Earth Day, of course, represents the best time to tap into our inner hippie for a little tree-hugging, ground-caressing reboot. This weekend, EARTH DAY TEXAS (EDTx) takes over Fair Park for three days of films, lectures, hot guys with beards, exhibits and music to help all of us embrace this orb we call home and develop best practices for keeping it healthy for millennia to come.

Or at least until 2069 when we plan to call it quits.

Earth Day Texas
Friday, April 21 to Sunday, April 23
Free admission
Fair Park
1121 1st Avenue, Dallas



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