Brunch Of The Month: Chicken & Eggs, Only Easier


When it comes to the chicken and the egg, we don’t care which comes first. As long as they both show up on our brunch table at some point.

At the newly re-launched Chelsea Corner, brunch has quickly become our favorite time to visit. Not just because we’re obsessed with all things Bloody Mary and hollandaise, but because one of our favorite dishes of 2017 has made its way onto the weekend menu. They’re called chicken oysters.

They’re called chicken oysters.

Don’t be afraid. Unlike Rocky Mountain oysters, which are calf testicles, these “oysters” are simply wonderfully tasty nuggets of dark meat that are so incredibly crispy and delicious, we could eat a pound or two without regret.

Fortunately for our Body Mass Index, however, they only serve a few along with a fluffy Belgian waffle and dried cherry syrup. We’ve grown so tired of the chicken-and-waffle trend, but this dish alone brought us right back to the fan club.

Other highlights include fajita steak enchiladas with sunny-side eggs, a classic Benedict with lemon-chive hollandaise and a kick-ass English muffin sandwich with shaved ham, fried egg, American cheese and marmalade. And definitely check out the Bloody Revolution, a beefy twist on the brunch classic flavored with ribeye and lots of Worcestershire.

And it wouldn’t be a good brunch to us without some cocktail bargains. Mimosas and bellinis ring in at just three bucks, perfect for lingering on the front or back patio as a perfect prelude to Sunday Fun Day.

But brunch at Chelsea Corner is great enough to be the main event, too.

Chelsea Corner Brunch
Saturdays & Sundays
10:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m.
4830 McKinney Avenue (at Monticello), Dallas



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