Shoulda Woulda You Better


We hate weddings.

Unless they’re disastrous.

Then seat us in the front row!

Our nuptials-gone-nasty dreams come true tonight through April 9 as Uptown Players presents¬†It Shoulda Been You. The musical comedy hilariously brings together anything and everything that could possibly go wrong for a bride and groom, whether it’s religious clashes, drunken mothers-in-law, ex-boyfriends or long-buried scandals.

It all builds to a soap opera-worthy climax that we can only hope includes a bouquet-throwing catastrophe of some sort.

But we’ll settle for poisoned punch.

Uptown Players Presents It Shoulda Been You
Tonight through April 9
Tickets: $30 to $45
Kalita Humphreys Theater
3636 Turtle Creek Boulevard, Dallas




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