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Friend, Romans, Gays, Lynde Me Your Rears

In the 1960s and 70s, Paul Lynde was gayer than just about anyone this side of Liberace.

We first discovered the comedian as a kid while watching reruns of Bewitched, in which he camped it up as the flamboyant, pun-dispensing Uncle Arthur. We couldn’t decide who we wanted to be more when we grew up, the sassy warlock or his gorgeous niece, Samantha.

Then there was his 13-year gig in the center spot on Hollywood Squares.

We didn’t always understand his humor, but somehow he touched us (though not inappropriately).

Well, now the comic genius of Paul Lynde comes to life in Vegas when Michael Airington (pictured at top) channels the legend in The Paul Lynde Show, opening March 22 at the Windows Showroom at Bally’s Las Vegas. Airington has performed as Lynde since 2004, so he’s got the character down.

Based on the actual one-man show Lynde performed back in 1976, Airington’s version features the same script so it’s like jumping in a big, pink, glittery time machine. This critically acclaimed show has played to sold-out crowds in Los Angeles, San Diego and Palm Springs, so we expect the same in Vegas.

In fact, we think we’re going to schedule a vacation specifically around this production. 

Maybe with a little Cher and Britney thrown in for gay measure.

The Paul Lynde Show Starring Michael Airington
Premieres March 22

Tickets: $39.99 to $49.99
Windows Showroom at Bally’s Las Vegas
3645 South Las Vegas Boulevard, Las Vegas



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