Put Some Gay In Your Day!

Rubber & Latex & Everything Nice

usa-12_15_16We love a coffee table book that makes our Republican relatives blush.

And what better way to make Aunt Lois clutch her velour track suit with a shriek than a little male fetish photography?

usa-12_15_162Once she pops open the newly published Transformation by G. Elliott Simpson, she’ll be inundated with intricate images of the Toronto-based photographer. Rubber, latex, leather, metal, tubes and gas masks are what give every image its delightful edge.

Simpson’s process is more than simple point-and-shoot photography, too. He paints the backgrounds and digitally retouches and alters the final image to bring a dark, daring, exotic world to life.

Whether you’re into the fetish scene or not, these photographs are exquisite, erotic and emotionally evocative.

And who knows. We may awaken something in Aunt Lois she never expected. If she shows up to next year’s Christmas dinner in a rubber catsuit, we’ll know for sure.

If so, we’ll never look at her gunt the same way again.

Transformation, $69.99
Photography by G. Elliott Simpson



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