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usa-12_09_16Heterosexuality is a sin and should be banned.

Yeah, that’s a sentence we probably won’t ever see in this lifetime, but that’s the core idea behind Love Is All You Need?, a powerful film that turns the tables on injustice and denial of human rights.

That’s because the world in this movie is gay, gay, gay.

Based on a short film that caused a lot of controversy when teachers showed it in their classrooms, the full-length feature expands on the narrative and fleshes out the characters. This results in a simultaneously poignant and jarring study on prejudice, inequality and bullying.

The film made the festival rounds, but in case you missed it, today’s a big day. The film can now be purchased on-demand for download on iTunes, Amazon and Google Play.

We certainly don’t want to live in a society where straight people are treated unfairly, but we also don’t want to live in one where we are, either.

That’s where this movie could really change some minds.

Love Is All You Need?
Directed and co-written by K.Rocco Shields

Available today for digital download
$13.99; iTunes

Watch the short film below:



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