Put Some Gay In Your Day!

Tee-Tee Time.

usa-06_14_16(new)Pride Month is almost half over, but it’s never too late to fill your closet with hilarious and inspiring apparel.

Of course, even if your city’s parade has already passed you by, you still have more than a week to find a shirt to wear for the one year anniversary of last year’s historic Supreme Court ruling.

And once again, Look Human is the place to shop.

They’ve updated their line of Pride clothing that ranges from simply humorous to thought-provokingly political to guaranteed-to-get-you-kicked-out-of-the-family-reunion (see below).

usa-06_14_16(new2)Nearly every design can be ordered on a variety of shirts, ranging from tanks to hoodies. Some are even available as phone cases, mugs and beach towels for all your summer gift-giving needs.

Because every beach needs a towel sporting the words “Yas, Queen” and a great white shark.


Look Human Pride Collection



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