Golden Girls


usa-05_05_16We’ve got a thing for older women.

Yep, it’s true. But until Absolutely Fabulous The Movie opens in July, we have an all-new season of Grace And Frankie to give us our fix of aging gals up to crazy hijinks.

We always knew a comedy re-teaming Lily Tomlin and Jane Fonda would be right in our big gay wheelhouse, even without any actual gay content.

But the first season of their Netflix comedy proved to be one of the most quietly hilarious shows in our queue. Where other sitcoms are loud and outrageous in their quest for laughs, this one subtly tickled our funny bone and tugged at our heartstrings with its surprisingly complex storylines about life after their husbands leave them to be in a gay relationship together.

It only got better as the season progressed and Season 2 will delve even further into the lives of these four characters as they pursue uncharted territory in the twilight of their lives.

As we get older ourselves, it’s a great example that life doesn’t have to stop after 70.

And neither does sex.


Grace And Frankie
Season Two debuts tomorrow, May 6




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