Megan Mullally’s Major Makeover


usa-01_27_16When we die, instead of long-lost relatives we hope to be greeted in the Great Beyond by the best TV characters of all time.

Samantha Stephens will ensure our every wish is her command.

Blanche Devereaux will most certainly be there for nightly cheesecake chats.

And we’ll go to Happy Hour every day with Karen Walker.

Almost makes us look forward to passing on.

Until then, we have plenty of TV shows to bring us new candidates for our Afterlife Afterparty. The big question for us this week is whether Megan Mullally’s Karen Walker will be replaced by Megan Mullally’s newest creation, Leanne, who’s even more politically incorrect than she ever was as the socialite diva on Will & Grace.usa-01_27_16(2)In NBC’s hour-long dramedy, You, Me and the Apocalypse (debuting tomorrow), Mullally portrays a white supremacist in prison alongside Jenna Fischer’s timid librarian character. Their big break (literally) comes with one minor consequence: The world is about to be destroyed by a meteor and there’s a bunker that’ll only fit so many people.

During Earth’s final 34 pre-apocalyptic days, we’re introduced to several misfits, most notably a foul-mouthed priest played with devilish glee by Rob Lowe.Here’s hoping we like his character.

Because we could really use a whole lot of Rob Lowe in our post-death life.

You, Me and the Apocalypse
Premieres tomorrow night on NBC, 8:00/7:00 p.m. Central




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