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Ruggedly Handsome

usa-12_16_15(2)We love supporting the little guys. Especially when speaking metaphorically.

Because there’s nothing diminutive about the strapping towers of muscle who wear fashions from Inseam Clothing and Supply, a menswear line from gay couple John Robb and Jeff Diaz. But even if you’re on the not-so-muscular side (like us), we think you’ll dig the vibe of Inseam’s military uniform-inspired apparel that’s 100% made in the USA.

We just discovered the small company recently and what we like most is that their clothing perfectly embodies what many gay men want: high-quality, slim-fit classic styles that become wardrobe staples, unlike super-trendy items that have limited life. They’re impeccably made, too.

The pants are designed to highlight all your best assets, whether it’s those bulging calves, massive thighs or premium-grade booty.

Inseam’s shirts are also easy to dress up or down. A tie can be added for a modern office look or give your neck some breathing room and they’re ideal for Casual Friday or Happy Hour at the end of a busy day.

Simply put, Inseam Clothing and Supply makes apparel that looks great on men.

And probably pretty nice crumpled up on the floor next to the bed, too.

Inseam Clothing and Supply



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