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Strange, Sexy Bedfellows

usa-09_15_15There’s binge-watching.

And then there’s full-on Seven Deadly Sins TV viewing.

That’s exactly what we encountered with the first season of EastSiders, the online TV series about two gay guys (Mad Men’s Kit Williamson and As the World Turns’ Van Hansis) whose lives are sent reeling after one of them is caught cheating.

We experienced Envy because we want to look just like these guys, which, of course leads to Lust.

Though we have immense Pride that we live in an era when such an honest depiction of emotions and the complications of many gay relationships can be explored.

We don’t even feel guilty about the Gluttony and Sloth that went hand-in-hand while watching the entire series in one sitting.

However, we admit to having a difficult time dealing with the Anger that set in once the series was over—until we got word that Season Two debuts today! This is when the guys decide to set aside jealousy and start exploring an open relationship.

Eastsiders Season 2 from Wolfe Video on Vimeo.

The only downside is that they’re only releasing the first batch of episodes today, which does nothing for our Greed.

At least we only have to wait until October 1 for the second set, so hopefully Patience will cancel out our previous sins.

But we’d still like to hang onto lust, please.

That one’s fun.

EastSiders Season Two
Premieres today on Vimeo On Demand
$19.99 (Sesaon available for pre-order) at www.vimeo.com


If you haven’t seen the first season of EastSiders, you need to start. Now. Here are the first two episodes for free.

EastSiders: Episode 1 from Wolfe Video on Vimeo.

EastSiders: Episode 2 from Wolfe Video on Vimeo.



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