The World According To Tharp


TWYLA THARPFifty years isn’t a long time in the grand scheme of the universe.

But in show business, it’s practically an eternity.

A half century is exactly how long legendary choreographer Twyla Tharp has been working with dancers from ballet companies to TV, Broadway and film. Her name is pretty much synonymous with modern dance at this point.

TWYLA THARP(2)This September, you have the opportunity to be a part of history as the world premiere of a new work co-commissioned locally by TITAS Presents and the AT&T Performing Arts Center takes the stage for two days before it tours the nation.

The Twyla Tharp 50th Anniversary Tour features music by Henry Butler, Steve Bernstein, John Zorn and J.S. Bach (perhaps you’ve heard of them!)

A dozen dancers bring to life Tharp’s vision and you’ll be amazed at the moves these talented (and flexible) men and women have to show.

It’s the result of years of ideas bouncing around in Tharp’s head.

Or more accurately, pirouetting, pas de basquing and fan kicking.

TITAS Presents and the AT&T Performing Arts Center present
The Twyla Tharp 50th Anniversary Tour
September 18-19, 2015
Tickets: $12 – $200
Winspear Opera House
2403 Flora Street, Dallas, TX 75201



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