Is Apple Finally Refreshing Apple TV? Here’s the Scoop.


This past summer has been slow in technology and gadget news, but fear not, my moxies… fall brings with it cooler temps and big updates and announcements for our most favorite gadgets. According to new leaked reports, Apple’s big event on September 9 will bring a much deserved Apple TV refresh, including Siri voice-assisted control and competition for Xbox, Playstation, and Nintendo.

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Apple’s September 9 invitation gives us a bit of a hint on what we can expect: new iPhone 6s and iPhone 6s Plus will surely be announced, as well as the much anticipated iOS 9 that is due this fall. However, as seen in the Apple invitation above, it appears Siri will be center stage and part of that is because of the new Apple TV.

Apple TV Refresh
According to 9to5Mac, “a new industrial design for the next-generation Apple TV is a lock. We’ve heard that the new model looks like the prior Apple TV, but it is slimmer and slightly wider.” Apple is planning on refreshing the Apple TV with Siri, your own personal voice assistant which will allow you to navigate through your TV just by speaking. Simply say, “Siri, what’s on HBO?” or “Siri, play that ONE cool Justin Bieber song,” and Siri will do just as you ask. This feature, voice control via a console, isn’t new and has been a pretty big success for Microsoft’s Xbox One with Kinect.

We also know that the new Apple TV will have a revolutionized remote which has Bluetooth technology with an infrared sensor to give it much better control and responsiveness.

Apple TV Takes On Xbox, PS4?
As mentioned earlier, the big new feature coming to the Apple TV is a Siri-enabled remote control. This remote will include touch-based input and gesture support. It will also have motion sensors which opens the way for Apple to truly attract gamers. I’m a huge Xbox One fan and this new Apple TV is one that could potentially open me to another gaming platform.

Because of this new remote, gaming could be Apple’s next focused target. Remember, the remote doubles as a game controller with a microphone, physical buttons and controls, a touchpad and motion sensors. As 9toMac reports, “in addition to the convenience of downloading games directly from the Apple TV’s built-in App Store, and controlling many of them via a new bundled remote control, Apple will also support more complex, console-style Bluetooth game controllers with the pressure-sensitive buttons and joysticks previously introduced for iPhones, iPads, and iPod touches.” This could be a game changer (no pun intended) for Apple and for us gamers.

Apple TV’s Guts
For the moxie geek, we’re also interested in what’s inside the next-gen Apple TV. It’s expected to sport third-party applications support (an Apple TV App Store) which gives developers the access to make some really cool TV apps. The Apple TV will also include more storage (potentially a tiered storage plan, per TechCrunch’s report), a faster processor (a dual-A8 chip?), and a completely redesigned UI which will resemble iOS (your iPhone or iPad).

There’s still much to know and we will continue to report on all things Apple as September 9 draws near. Remember, this event is also expected to unveil the new iPhone 6s as well as more news for the Apple Watch and watchOS 2.


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