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ILY 2 dogsBeing down on all fours shouldn’t mean being treated like a dog.

Unless you’re into that sort of thing.

But as far as food goes, we’re always looking for the best.

So we agreed to take a challenge from Colorado-based I and Love and You to convert our own pups to their line of specially formulated whole-food pet nutrition products created by holistic veterinarians.ILY dog with foodLet’s just say, their tales wag so much while they’re eating that it creates a strong breeze.

And our girls have always had top-of-the-line dog food, so they know their stuff.ILY kibbleCage-free meats raised without hormones join other nutritious buzzwords like “grass-fed,” “wild-caught” and “minimally processed” so anyone looking to give their pets (yes, even cats) the very best, I and Love and You is the brand to beat.

Because pleasing discriminating bitches is a full-time job.

I and Love and You
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