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You Are Being Watched

Let me say thisAnother week since the marriage decision, and more and more issues come out. Imagine that. Who knew it was going to get this complicated? Consider this.

For those of you who made the decision to wait to get married until you could do it in your home state, congratulations! I am so happy for you, doing the Lord’s work in places like Texas and Alabama. Some of my favorite people in the world were first in line. If you have chosen to have a big wedding with all the trimmings, good luck. There will be a surge in these extravagant weddings planned by gay Bridezillas. And some of your friends who are comfortably married or comfortably single (or uncomfortable in either category, for that matter) will be watching, judging and comparing. Maybe not me, but some.

Then, there are those who didn’t wait and got married early on, back when neither your state or the Federal government recognized your marriage. And some of you didn’t wait for gay divorce. Some of you went right into marriage two without cleaning up marriage one. (Why wait? Nobody recognized it. Was that the logic?) Well, I’m not a lawyer, but you’ve got a problem…particularly when spouse two doesn’t know that someone else has a prior claim to your hand in marriage. Some of your friends are watching and already judging. Maybe not me, but some.

Is there are deadline for long term couples to tie the knot? Absolutely, if you want to avoid the consequences. Some couples may choose to wait until January to get married for tax reasons, and it is completely appropriate to plan a wedding around financial considerations. (In fact, shouldn’t they all be?) So let’s give it a date…say, January 31, 2016. After that date, some of your friends will be watching and judging and assuming that one of you just doesn’t want to get married. Maybe not me, but some.

So you see…there’s more to weddings than whether to serve Veuve or Cristal, and there’s more to marriage than weddings. We’ll be watching to see if you recognize the difference.

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