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WWDC 15: OS X El Capitan, iOS 9 Features for iPhone and iPad

Apple held its annual WWDC 2015 conference today with a ton of new updates coming to the iPhone, iPad and Mac. As the Moxie Mo Show predicted, a lot of big changes are coming. Here are just a few of the major announcements from today’s WWDC 2015.

This post is brought to you by Bluehost.com! Use our Bluehost coupon code and save 42% off web hosting packages PLUS get a free domain name.os-x-el-capitanOS X El Capitan – the name of Apple’s newest Mac software may not be the most innovative, but it is unique. As expected, El Capitan has a lot of new features that will make your Mac even moxier. Here are just a few:

  1. Pinterest your favorite websites – bookmarks are not new, but in El Capitan you can easily bookmark your favorite websites using a quick click which creates a clean-looking Pinterest bookmark in your Safari’s navigation bar.
  2. Split View – never again have to re-size a window, or multiple windows, when you can now pick two apps and “snap” them into a split screen view. This allows you to easily work in two apps at the same time, side-by-side, in fullscreen mode.
  3. Notes App Gets WAY Better – one of my favorite “web apps” is Evernote, but now Apple has a bullseye on it. Notes, which easily syncs all of your “notes” to all of your Apple devices now is even cooler. El Capitan revitalizes Notes by easily allowing you to add video, photos, drawings (using your mouse or iOS screen), and Maps into Notes.
  4. Better Search via Spotlight – Apple’s eye is on Google thanks to a much improved Spotlight (the Mac’s search tool) which now lets you search for public transit, stocks, video, weather, sports, stock quotes, and now “smarter search questions.” For example, you can find an email you sent to your Mom last year by typing into Spotlight, “email I sent to my Mom last June,” and Spotlight will find it. Voila!

iPhone and iOS 9 – today’s focus on the next-gen iOS that will soon run your iPhone will boast a very smart Siri, crazier new ways to search for information in apps, photos, emails, and new apps that we’ve never had on our iPhone before! Here are a few new features coming to your iPhone in iOS 9:

  1. Siri Becomes even Better with “Proactive” – as Apple’s website reports, “Siri can search a wider range of topics for a wider range of answers. It understands what you say more accurately and delivers your results faster.” In iOS 9, you can ask more complex questions, like “Remind me about this when I get to my car” and Siri will know what this is. Whether you’re currently viewing a website in Safari, reading a Facebook status update, looking at your to-do list in Notes, or reading an important email from your boss, Siri understands what this is and will remind you when you get to your car. You can also ask, “Show me videos I took at last year’s birthday party” and Siri will intuitively know to search for videos in your Camera library from last year’s birthday soiree. Using new technology that will Proactive-iOS-9rival Google Now, Proactive allows Siri to better know you, predict your behavior, and understand you  better.  Apple showed off a few perks today with Siri: let’s say an unknown telephone number is calling your iPhone, Siri can automatically look up this number and search your email or messages to see who it might be. When you plug in your earbuds into your iPhone or iPad, the Music app’s “Now Playing” will automatically show on your locked screen. Your iPhone is smarter and has a much better personal assistant. When you access your Search screen, you’ll see Relevant people (people you call the most or email the most), Places nearby (locations near you using your GPS), Suggested apps (apps are triggered by your routines and what you’re most likely to use at a given time of day), and In the news (get local news using your location).
  2. Apple Brings New App “News” to iOS: Apple’s taking another shot at a successful app company, Flipboard. Apple-NewsApple will remove Newsstand and replace it with News. This new app lets you pick topics of interest and then curates a beautifully well-designed “newspaper” for you to read any time you access it on your iPhone or iPad.
  3. Improved Maps with Public Transit – as we accurately predicted last week, Apple’s upgrading its Maps app in iOS 9. Now you can use public transportation using Maps as your guide. You can also use a new feature called Nearby to see what’s around you as you navigate from A to B.
  4. Apple Music Subscription Service  – as reported last week as well, Apple is launching its music streaming service called Apple Music and it’s expected to heavily compete with Spotify. Apple Music will cost $10/month (with a 3-month free trial). It will be available June 30.

There are a lot of new features in iOS 9 for the iPhone and you can see them all in Apple’s iOS 9 website.

iPad and iOS 9 – Apple’s iPad will get the much needed Multi-tasking that other tablets have had, but in Apple fashion, it looks more elegant, easier to use, and “just works.” Here are a few new multi-tasking features coming to your iPad in iOS 9:

  1. Slide Over – easily open a second app without leaving the first app using a new feature called Slide Over. While reading an email, you can also quickly respond to an iMessage, update your Facebook, send a tweet, browse the web, or whatever else you want to do.
  2. Slide-Over-iPadSplit View – with an iPad Air, you can even work in two apps at the same time on the same screen, via Split View. With the swipe of your finger, you can compose an email while also sending a tweet or taking a photo using your Camera app. Literally, multi-tasking has finally arrived on the iPad!
  3. Split-View-multitaskingPicture in Picture – one of our favorite and most-wanted features has finally come to the iPad in iOS 9. Picture in Picture allows you to watch a video while working in an other app on your iPad. You can watch a video or even FaceTime with a friend while surfing the web, writing an email, liking the Moxie Mo Show’s Facebook page, all in the same screen!


iOS 9 will also have an enhanced keyboard and even allow you to place two fingers on your iPad’s screen to turn it into a trackpad, just like you do on a Mac. Your iPad will become more like a desktop computer than ever before. Stay tuned to the Moxie Mo Show to get the latest on more announcements from this year’s WWDC 2015 including brand new updates to Apple Watch, with the new Watch OS 2.0.

iOS 9 will be a FREE software update for your iPhone and iPad (and will be 50% smaller in size) and will arrive in the fall.

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