You Better Work (Out)


If you follow our Underwear of the Month features (and we know you do, we’ve got the data to prove it!), then you’re familiar with Jack Adams.

The makers of some of the sexiest underwear available have branched out with comfortable, flattering workout wear. Below is our dream workout ensemble as modeled by a few our dream steam room partners.

Time to work up a sweat.

usa-05_26_15(2)Underneath, Pre-Workout: Footballer Jock Strap

This one’s a home run. Or touchdown. Whatever. A super-wide 2.5-inch waistband and lace-up pouch is part fantasy, but all business in keeping everything where it belongs during even the most rugged workout. (70% Polyester, 15% Cotton and 15% Rubber.)

www.jackadamsusa.com/footballer-jockstrap, $36


usa-05_26_15(3)Bottom: PE Training Short

A slimmer cut is form-flattering, but the wider leg allows for full range of motion and a fuller fit through the thighs and butt. Great for working out and for getting stares in the produce section at the grocery store. (100% Wicking Polyester.)

www.jackadamsusa.com/pe-training-short, $60


usa-05_26_15(4)Top: Relay Performance Tank ,

This attractive slim-fit tank features a diagonal insert and contrasting accents to accentuate all those upper body muscles you’re rockin’. Lightweight and breathable for the most intense workouts or hot summer days. (100% Polyester.)

www.jackadamsusa.com/relay-proformance-tank, $36.50


usa-05_26_15(5)Underneath, Post Workout: Crew Brief

When you’ve finished your workout and showered, slip on a pair of these crew briefs for a comfortable day or night on the town. The low-rise design features the Jack Adams Army Fly pouch for comfort, especially for guys who need more room up front and in back. (90% cotton,10% spandex.)

www.jackadamsusa.com/crew-brief, $27




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