The Struggle Is Real(ly Beautiful)


Being gay is really hard. Between keeping up the impeccably decorated home and whipping up gourmet bites on the fly when guests drop in, the struggle is real, y’all…not to mention those of us with kids. Even though they’re the best-behaved, best-dressed children on Planet Earth, it’s still work.

So, sometimes we have to let things go – like flower arranging.

Every gay’s favorite binge channel, HGTV, has come to the rescue with a new collection of coordinated container garden flowers that they sent us to try out – aptly called the HGTV HOME Plant Collection. Just pop them into the pot of your choice and take all the credit.

HGTV’s experts have focused on the latest trends and color palettes to create a range of vibrant combinations with fancy names like Orange Bliss, Purple Genius and Perfect Union (an Americana favorite with red, white and blue blooms).


A big, beautiful overflowing pot costs about $35 – a bargain when you consider what each would cost individually, plus the manicure afterwards. For now, they’re only available in The Home Depot stores in select southern states, but hopefully the rest of the USA will be able to enjoy them soon.

Believe us, you’ll look perfect, just like Martha Stewart, even if you feel a little criminal for lying…well, just like Martha Stewart.

To check out annuals and combinations from the HGTV HOME Plant Collection or to find The Home Depot or garden center closest to you, go to www.hgtvhomeplants.com.



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Cooper Koch is the founder of He Said Magazine & the lifestyle column Cooped Up, husband to Todd, and Daddy to Claire & Mason.

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