Apple TV Getting Major Overhaul at WWDC 2015



Some of my favorite gadgets are the media-streaming consoles like my Xbox, Roku, and Apple TV. It appears Apple has some big plans for its Apple TV at next month’s WWDC 2015 developer conference.

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Most of us have a streaming media console like the Apple TV. For years, this “hockey puck” media box allows you to watch movies, TV shows, listen to your favorite songs via iTunes, watch HBO Go, display your iPhoto pics on your TV, plus a ton of other TV and movie programming. Apple’s “hobby” hasn’t seen much improvement over the past few years, but that’s about to change.

Several reports like CNET and Buzzfeed claim, “the Apple TV is receiving a significant overhaul,” including the powerful new A8 processor chip that can be found in the iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus. Reports also claim there will be a new software development kit which allows developers to make really cool apps for the Apple TV.

Apple TV’s remote is expected to get an update too. “The new Apple TV will supposedly sport a new touchpad-equipped remote for navigating the interface, one with just two physical buttons,” cites another report. This could mean it will have a much better way to surf the web and even allow newer apps easier control for watching your favorite media and apps on your HDTV.

The biggest game changer will be if this new version will debut the rumored live TV-streaming service via the Apple TV. As the Moxie Mo discussed last year, Apple is reportedly in talks with TV content providers to offer your favorite TV channels, which means cutting cable could be even easier (and much cheaper). As CNET reports, “the service has been discussed in various rumors and reports for years, but the most important recent update came from the Wall Street Journal on March 16. It pegged a fall launch date and a package of about 25 channels including major networks ABC, CBS and Fox. It would be available on all devices running Apple’s iOS operating system, including the Apple TV.”

Could the Apple TV also include gaming and DVR controls as other rumors suggest? Quite possibly. We know one thing for sure – if Apple plans to keep the Apple TV in peoples’ homes, they will most definitely need to overhaul it. The Moxie Mo will keep you posted.

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