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FLOTUS With The Mostest


When it comes to bad-ass bitches (and we use that term in its most respected, loving context), you won’t find badder than Hillary Clinton.

We’re so excited at the prospect of her leading our nation as President of the United States, not just because of the historical significance her presidency would hold, but because she’s got some unparalleled political experience.

If she’s elected, though, it brings up all sorts of questions.

What will Bill be called? Because FGOTUS (First Gentleman of the United States) doesn’t roll off the tongue. FOL (Friend of Lewinsky) is probably too tacky. And though technically accurate, the acronym for White House Official Returning Executive would most assuredly be used for evil by any Clinton opponents.

Well, somebody’s found the answer.

In a clever role reversal, “Bill Clinton” has been touring the country in either a bikini or dress (Hillary does wear the pants in the family, after all) as part of the grassroots organization, BillForFirstLady2016 Political Action Committee.

The organization is a group of young Americans who support women’s and LGBT equality, using humor to get their message out in the most effective way possible.

They’re working hard to help get Hillary elected to the White House and you can be a part of their efforts with one of many great “Bill for First Lady” items, from T-shirts and hoodies to buttons and bumper stickers.usa-04_21_15(2)We can’t decide which shirt we like most, so we may have to order several.

Thankfully, we already have a giant Bill Clinton mask in our nightstand.

Don’t ask. Or tell.

Bill for First Lady Merchandise
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