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We love a good Ménage à Trois. The hardest decision is what you’re in the mood for, where you’re going to have it and how much you want to spend.

Until now, our Ménage à Trois obsession was limited to wines and twinks, but now the company with the iconic happy-dancer logo has released a trio of California vodkas.

usa-02_10_15(2)In addition to traditional vodka, they have created Triple Citrus (lemons, limes and oranges) and Triple Berry (raspberries, cranberries and pomegranate), each undergoing a proprietary triple filtration process.

Man, this company loves three-ways!

What we enjoy most about the flavored vodkas is that they’re rich in fruitiness, but not as cloyingly sweet as others on the market.

Best of all, at 80 proof, this is a Ménage à Trois with real bite.

And one that doesn’t require a tetanus shot the next day.

Ménage à Trois Vodkas, $22.99 (750ml)




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