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One of my most favorite apps for iPhone, iPad and Android is Flipboard — a very popular social news reader app. Flipboard takes your favorite subjects and topics (news, technology, sports, pop culture, music, yoga, dogs, etc) and then delivers them to you in a beautiful and intuitive magazine-style layout. You can easily browse through articles and interests or even dive deep into your favorite topics or subjects. Using Flipboard on your smartphone or tablet gives you gesture controls that are very similar to flipping through a magazine which is why it became so popular and now boasts over 50 million monthly users.

It’s beautiful. It’s well designed. It’s easy and efficient.

Today, Flipboard announced it’s also moving to the web. Now, users can access Flipboard.com using their web browser on a desktop. The advantages of the website version bring “a number of features to the browser in addition to simply being able to read your content away from your iPhone or iPad,” states 9to5Mac. The website version of Flipboard also uses your desktop’s screen real estate to give you even more to view and read.

Flipboard’s customization of what you’re interested in reading and “staying updated” is what I love about this app and now, the website. Once you register, you pick the content (topics, magazines, websites) and then Flipboard curates a “magazine” for you. You can then share your magazine to others, share a post or article, tweet or Facebook or even “save” the page to read later.

Download the free version of Flipboard for your iOS device and Android device. You will thank me. Then, on your computer, go to Flipboard.com and start using this awesome tool to stay up to date on all the things you love (including the Moxie Mo Show). Check out the new web version here:

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