Is Microsoft Getting Its Moxie Back? Buys Sunrise Calendar



If I were a betting man, I’d bet more than likely the only time you use a Microsoft product is at the office (excluding an Xbox). You most likely don’t own a Windows Phone because you probably own an Android or iPhone. And I’d even bet MOST of you probably don’t have the latest Windows OS on your home computer because most of you probably own a Mac or just use your iPad or Android tablet at home. Fair?  That being said, Microsoft is making (or made) some big moves and we’ve all taken notice, and you should too.

Is Microsoft getting its moxie back? And why is Microsoft taking over YOUR iPhone?

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The year of 2015 seems to be Microsoft’s re-invention year. Microsoft just debuted their revolutionary new operating system, Windows 10 (which is expected to turn the company around from a nasty Windows 8 debacle). For iPhone and Android owners, Microsoft also released a very well-received and updated Outlook for iOS and Android app (which they acquired Acompli for $200 million in December to use technology found in the latest Outlook App). Plus, as of today, reports claim Microsoft has acquired another very popular app maker, Sunrise, the maker of the most popular calendar app for Apple and Android.

So you can see, Microsoft is on point this year. A brand new OS for you PC owners and two very successful apps that iPhone and Android users are using and LOVING, made or owned by Microsoft. See where it’s going? Has Microsoft got its moxie back?

What is Sunrise Calendar?


Sunrise is a social calendar app that connects with and consolidates calendars from different providers (Google, iCloud, Outlook) and then also integrates with LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter, Foursquare, and Evernote (just to name a few). It’s a “calendar hub” for your personal, professional and social life… placed into one beautifully designed calendar app. And it does even more…

For example, Sunrise manages your calendar, but also uses your Foursquare checkins and imports your Facebook events and your friends’ birthdays right into your calendar view (using Facebook integration). When you open an event in your Sunrise calendar app, photos and the latest tweets from those attending your events appear (thanks to Twitter integration). It also neatly adds your reminders from Evernote in your calendar view as well. And of course it works perfectly using Apple iOS 8’s Notification Center too. Sunrise works on your desktop and your iPhone, iPad or Android smartphone. Plus, it’s FREE.

This gives Microsoft one more way to win with customers who bought an Apple or Android smartphone, tablet or even a Mac computer. And also explains why you may start seeing Microsoft take over your iPhone or Android smartphone with great apps. All the power to them.

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You can download Sunrise from the Apple App Store or Google Play by clicking here.



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