Going Downhill Fast



Strap on your goggles and make sure your medical insurance premium is paid up because it’s time to hit some Black Diamonds and leave a little powdery dust in your wake.

Telluride Gay Ski Week begins February 22 and it’s the most fun you’ll ever have in cold, wet socks and clingy long underwear.

What we love most about this all-gay week in the mountains is the friendly vibe that reminds us of the comradery found on a gay cruise. There’s all the outrageousness of a week on the high seas, too, but with far more clothes, hot toddies and fireplaces.


Whether you’re an avid skier or don’t want to set foot on the slopes at all, the après ski parties are reason enough to book your flight to Colorado. The annual White Night Party is even more legendary.

No matter what your wintry interests, Telluride Gay Ski Week is filled with events to keep you mingling with hot guys and gals the entire week.

Because sometimes, the best après ski happens in your hotel room.

Telluride Gay Ski Week
February 22 to March 1



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