Tight, Firm & Ready For Sex



Big things come in small packages. Just ask any twink with size 11 shoes.

Surprisingly, that can also be true when it comes to mattresses.

While listening to The Howard Stern Show a couple months ago, we heard an ad for Casper, a mattress described as not just being comfortable and affordable, but built specifically for sex.


Our ears (and other things) immediately perked up. And because any customer can test it out for 100 days risk-free, we decided it was worth a few rolls in some new hay.

The made-in-USA premium latex foam mattress arrived at our doorstep via UPS in a large box that fit easily through the front door. It was difficult to believe a queen-size love platform was inside, but after opening the package we watched in amazement as the mattress went from small and squishy to large and firm in a matter of seconds.


This was symbolic of many great nights to come.

The foam makes for cool and comfortable sleep and the construction offers a nice amount of softness with more support than we’ve ever experienced in traditional spring mattresses.

Plus, Casper’s marketing is actually true. No matter how much bouncing, gyrating, thrusting, flipping, heaving, somersaulting, off-the-side, in-the-middle action we tossed its way, it absorbed the shock better than we could have ever hoped.

And thanks to all the willing participants in our experiment, Casper now has 100 new customers.

101 if you count the neighbor across the street with the night-vision binoculars.

Casper, $500 (Twin) to $950 (California King)
Free Shipping in 1-5 Days in the Contiguous United States and Canada
Same-Day Delivery in NYC
100 Days Risk-Free Trial with Free Pickup



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