Ring In A New Hole



Some things just make us giggle.

Others make us LOL until we ROTF.

One such thing is the new holiday Belgian Golden Strong Ale from the Dallas-area Rabbit Hole Brewing. Crafted specifically for New Year’s Eve, it’s combines a nod to both the brewery and the holiday in one fantastic name: Hole Lang Syne.

If saying that out loud doesn’t put a smile on your face alone, the flavor will. With hints of raspberry and blackberry, it’s got a slightly sweet tartness with a potent kick (10% ABV).

The limited-time-only brew is available on tap at several local bars, including Luck, House of Blues, Haystack Burgers and Flying Saucer Addison. Many liquor stores are carrying the 608 limited edition bottles and sell out almost as quickly as they arrive.

The list of where it’s available is ever-changing and not published, so it’s pretty much a treasure hunt.

Except this time, the hole itself is the prize.

Hole Lang Syne Belgian Golden Strong Ale
Rabbit Hole Brewing

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