Control Your Nest Thermostat By Your Voice With Google


One of the Moxie Mo Show’s favorite gadgets is the Nest Learning Thermostat. Bought by Google for $3.2 billion, Google promised Nest owners that there would be some new, cool tricks coming to one of the moxiest smart home gadgets… and today, Google made do on its promise.

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The Nest is already a very smart gadget – with features like Auto Away, Leaf and Airwave, the Nest thermostat not only saves you money, but it also senses when you’re home or away, learns your habits to efficiently cool or heat your home, knows the weather in your area and reacts to weather changes by heating or cooling, and allows you to remotely control your thermostat by your smartphone or tablet. It’s one moxie gadget.

Today, Google announced two new features: the first allows you to control your Nest by using your voice (via the Google app) and the second allows your Nest to know when you’re headed home using your location via your smartphone. The Nest will then pre-cool or pre-heat your home in perfect time with your drive home so that when you walk in the door, it’s the perfect temperature! (ps: the Nest has always been able to detect when you’re away, but now Google Now uses your location on your smartphone and communicates with your Nest so it knows exactly when you’ll arrive home).

Obviously, I had to try this out for myself the moment I got home. I downloaded the Google app, tapped on the microphone and said “lower my temp to 65 degrees.” My Nest instantly began cooling my home and I didn’t even get off the couch:


Tomorrow evening, on my way home from work, my Nest will know exactly where I am and it will know when I will arrive home. My house will be at the perfect temperature as soon as I walk in my door… not too shabby!

Download Google’s app for your iOS device or Android device and check out the Moxie Mo Show’s Nest Learning Thermostat review.



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