Houston, We Are A-Wobblin’



We’re living in a charmed time. Distilleries are popping up all over Texas and that just means more booze for us to try out.

In the name of research, you know.

One of our favorite discoveries this month is Yellow Rose Distilleries, based in Houston and available at Goody Goody and Sigel’s locations all over the Dallas area.

Not only is their range of whiskeys award-winning, the Yellow Rose branding makes their bottles ideal for giving as Texas-themed gifts for those friends and family not fortunate enough to live in our great state.

We especially enjoy the Yellow Rose Outlaw Bourbon, which won Best in Class at the American Distilling Institute. Full-flavored and made in small batches, it has a mildly sweet flavor and floral aroma that open up wonderfully after a few minutes for an elegant sipper that’s perfect for enjoying by a roaring fire.

Or leaving with a plate of cookies for Santa.

Yellow Rose Distilleries
Blended Whiskey, $29.95; Straight Rye, $37.95; Double Barrel, $37.95; Outlaw, $54.95 (all suggested retail prices)



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