Staying Healthy & Fit: Apple Health, Google Fit, Microsoft Band


Your health is all the rage… and thanks to technology, it’s never been easier to track, monitor and know just how healthy and fit you are! Here’s the newest health and fitness technology from Apple, Google and Microsoft. Who knew tech could be so moxie?

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Apple Health & iOS 8
Thanks to Apple iOS 8, smartphone owners can track their fitness, health and nutrition information just by using their smartphone and the hundreds of iOS Health & Fitness apps available. Here’s how.

Google Fit
Google announced its health platform, Google Fit, is now available for most modern, Android devices. It, too, tracks your fitness activity and health while also having an advantage over Apple Health. Details inside.

Microsoft Health & Microsoft Band
Microsoft just announced this week it’s entering the health and fitness tracking segment too. The Microsoft Band is a new smart wearable that promises to not only track your health, fitness, and biometrics…but also does a whole lot more too!

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