Bette Warbles “Waterfalls”


bette its the girls

When we heard that Bette Midler was remaking TLC’s Waterfalls, one of our favorite songs from high school preschool, we REALLY wanted to like it. Like, really really. But then we heard it.

As always, adore her voice, but this just sounds like our grandma warbling to Top 40 in the kitchen while stirring spaghetti sauce. We just can’t. (In her defense, at least she left out Left Eye’s rap in the bridge…but replaced it with a bunch of whoo whoos.)

Are we bad gays?! What say you?

All that said, we haven’t given up hope on the rest of the album “It’s the Girls!”, which drops November 4 and pays tribute to girl groups. Too bad there’s no Spice Girls…

P.S. – Here’s the real thing, in case you need to wash your brain of what you just heard above. **shoulder shrugs**



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