Instagram’s Hyperlapse App, Apple’s Bigger 12.9-Inch iPad Pro?


Instagram launches a brand new app, Hyperlapse, which helps you make really cool, ultra smooth, professional time-lapse videos. Plus, breaking news just in today… is Apple really working on a much bigger 12.9-inch iPad? I’ve got all the scoop! Who knew tech could be so moxie?

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Instagram’s New App: Hyperlapse
Instagram just made time-lapse videos really easy… and really cool. You’ll be a pro at making really fun, ultra smooth and very cool time-lapse videos to show off on Facebook or Instagram. Check out how to use it inside this episode and download Hyperlapse here.

“iPad Pro” – Bigger 12.9-Inch Screen?
Breaking news today coming from Apple sources and this time, it’s not about the iPhone 6. Like the iPhone 6, however, there’s newer and more concrete evidence that Apple is indeed preparing to launch a much bigger iPad with a 12.9-inch screen. Others claim this will be Apple’s “iPad Pro.” Check out the rumored specs and features of Apple’s newer, bigger iPad inside this episode!

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