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Apple’s iPhone 6: What to Expect?

iPhone 5s vs iPhone 6 models
iPhone 5s vs iPhone 6 models

The iPhone rumors are at fever pitch, thanks to Apple’s upcoming September 9 event, which many believe will have Apple unveil not just one new iPhone, but two new iPhones!

The Moxie Mo has the top iPhone 6 rumors and speculations expected to be unveiled on September 9.

Two Different Sized iPhones
As widely reported, Apple is expected to announce a 4.7-inch iPhone 6 and a larger 5.5-inch model. Some experts claim Apple will have both models available in September, but recent reports hint that Apple may have to delay the larger model due to supply-chain delays. The larger iPhone 6 is expected to compete with Android models that sport larger “phablet” sized displays. Will the larger iPhone 6 model cost more? Have better features than the regular sized? We don’t know for sure.

A Sapphire Screen (Scratch Resistant) with Better Resolution
Reports also claim Apple will be the first to make a screen that’s scratch resistant and nearly unbreakable, thanks to one of the world’s hardest minerals, sapphire. Apple is reportedly working with manufacturers to produce a synthetic sapphire that doesn’t crack or scratch as easily as its earlier models (or its competition). When Apple unveiled the iPhone 5s with its TouchID, the fingerprint sensor was made with sapphire. If true, this could definitely help those of us who are prone to drop our iPhones. Both iPhone 6 models are expected to also get a bump in screen resolution which will make its Retina Display even sharper.

Much Faster, More Space AND a Better Battery
As with every next-gen model, Apple has continuously pushed the limit with technology in its iPhone. The iPhone 6 is expected to have a new A8 processor chip which would make the next-gen iPhone faster on all accounts. The iPhone 5s got a bump with the first of its kind 64-bit A7 chip and now the iPhone 6’s A8 processor chip will not only be faster than than the iPhone 5s, but also much more energy efficient. The larger iPhone 6 may even have 128gb of storage, claims MacRumors. There are several reports claiming Apple will improve its battery performance in the iPhone as well, with this newly leaked photo of the 4.7-inch model’s new battery. If the iPhone 6 is expected to be thinner and faster with a better screen resolution, the battery improvements will most likely be modest… but we can always hope.

Better Camera with New Lens
Some rumors claim the iPhone 6 will come with a 13-megapixel camera which is a nice jump from the iPhone 5s’ 8-megapixel camera. That said, other reports claim Apple will keep its 8-megapixel camera with new electronic image stabilization features (no more shaky photos or videos) and faster auto-focusing. It’s safe to assume the camera in Apple’s new phone will be better than the current one, otherwise why bother?

Finally… iOS 8 – Really Good Software!
The iPhone 6 will come with Apple’s next-gen iOS 8 with a ton of new features and new enhancements. I covered some of the top iOS 8 features in a previous Moxie Mo Show episode, so check them out. I’m currently beta testing iOS 8 and I can assure you, it’s legit. Expect iOS 8 to be launched in September, maybe even as soon as the September 9 event concludes! For those with older iPhones and iPads, you will get it too (for free).

One thing you can bet on? The Moxie Mo will keep you updated when Apple unveils its much anticipated iPhone 6. Stay tuned… and follow the Moxie Mo on Twitter. Also, want your own website, portfolio, blog or podcast? Use our coupon code 199MOXIE at GoDaddy.com to get a domain name for just $1.99! Done and done.



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