Put Some Gay In Your Day!

Swallow Your Pride


Skittles no longer corner the market on that whole tasting-the-rainbow thing.

Now, Baked by Melissa is cooking up something special for LGBT Pride.

Her delightfully tiny treats always pack a punch of flavor and these little numbers don’t disappoint. Wildberry cakes are topped with vanilla icing and a rainbow berry candy for a little indulgent bite that won’t leave you felling guilty.

They’re available exclusively for shipment June 25-29, but you can pre-order now and get a jump on the rush.

Cakes are available in three-packs and 25-packs with rainbow-ribbon gift boxes available to really gay up the office break room.

Or your bedside table for a little midnight snacking.

Baked by Melissa Wildberry Pride Cupcakes
$3, 3-pack; $20, 25-pack. (Add $5 for a gift box)



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