Put Some Gay In Your Day!

Breakfast Sandwiches


I am not a morning person. Throughout the week, I begin my days very slowly and gracelessly by getting out of bed and channeling Helen Keller as I make my way to the coffee pot — both eyes crusted shut — trying not to step on a dog, cat or husband.

Breakfast Sandwiches Ingredients    Breakfast Sandwiches Pouring

Breakfast Sandwiches Assemble    Breakfast Sandwiches Wrapping

This is usually followed by at least 20 minutes of chugging coffee and reading Hollywood smut blogs. Next, just to stay well-rounded, I’ll skim CNN.com for stories about moose attacking snowmobiles or people trapping chupacabras. This schedule leaves very little time for making an even remotely healthy breakfast.

These sandwiches are so easy to make, take no time, freeze well and reheat in no time throughout the week. This leaves you plenty of time to read about Solange beating the crap out of Jay-Z in an elevator. Stars. They’re just like us! In her defense, maybe she was just hungry and didn’t have her morning coffee. I get that.



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