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Spoiler Shield Keeps TV Shows Safe, Apple Maps Finds Loch Ness Monster?

A new app promises to keep your Facebook and Twitter feeds spoiler-free so your favorite TV shows and sports games won’t be ruined by spoilers on social media! Plus, did Apple Maps just find something truly bizarre and legendary? Who knew tech could be so moxie!

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No More TV Spoilers – Use Spoiler Shield App
We’ve all been there… we didn’t watch our favorite show’s latest episode. But now it doesn’t matter thanks to your friends on Facebook or Twitter who just spoiled the major plot-twist or character death. Well thanks to this new app, Spoiler Shield, you never have to worry about seeing spoilers when checking your Facebook or Twitter.

Did Apple Maps Find Loch Ness Monster (true controversy!)
This past Friday, the UK’s Daily Mail newspaper published a report claiming many believe a high-resolution satellite photo that is used in Apple Maps shows a massive underwater creature in Loch Ness. Immediately, this image went viral over the weekend and as of today, there’s a new update!

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