Facebook Adds Free Calls, Microsoft’s Personal Assistant Cortana


Microsoft’s new personal assistant, Cortana, promises to compete with Apple’s Siri and Google Now, but how does she really stack up? Plus Facebook Messenger adds free phone calls on WiFi! Who knew tech could be so moxie?

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Microsoft’s Cortana: Futuristic Personal Assistant and Siri-Killer?
Microsoft unveiled its latest-gen OS, Windows Phone 8.1, last week. But what has everyone’s attention is its new personal assistant, the futuristic and very intuitive Cortana. How does Cortana stack up against Apple’s Siri or Google Now? What does Cortana do that these other smart phone “personal assistants” can not? Scoop inside!

Make Free Phone Calls with Facebook Messenger
Facebook’s companion app, Facebook Messenger, is a great messaging tool that many Facebook owners may not use to their advantage! And, Facebook just made this app even moxier by adding free voice calls on WiFi! You can call anyone, anywhere for free!

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