iOS 7.1 Is Here: CarPlay, Better Performance and Improved Siri


Apple releases iOS 7.1 and the Moxie Mo shows you the newest tweaks, improved apps, better support for older iPhones plus Apple’s newest feature, CarPlay, gets released for the car. Who knew tech could be so moxie?

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Apple’s iOS 7.1 Features and Improvements
Apple released iOS 7.1 on Monday and already users are claiming its much faster than iOS 7. The Moxie Mo covers the newest UI tweaks, improved apps and how Siri got an upgrade. And if you are an iPhone 4 owner, you will want to hear this!

Apple’s CarPlay – iOS For Cars?
Apple released CarPlay in the latest iOS 7.1 update. What does it do? How do you use CarPlay in the car? We’ve got all the scoop.

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