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In preparation for this year’s big Thanksgiving celebration, we’ve asked Gay List Daily’s newest contributors, cutie pies John & Kyle from Queer in the Kitchen, to share some of their favorite recipes and tips for Turkey Day.

Creamy Asparagus CasseroleCreamy Asparagus Casserole
Our friend Robby turned us onto this classed-up version of the traditional Thanksgiving staple. In true Thanksgiving casserole tradition, this one is fairly easy, even if the name sounds high falutin’.

Click here for the recipe

Cheesy Leeks RecipeCheesy Leeks
Now, the English aren’t known for fine cuisine, good teeth OR Thanksgiving… But this dish sounded too interesting not to try. And we’re glad we did. Be warned, dungeon-butt breath is a side-effect of this dish.

Click here for the recipe

Queen Bean CasseroleQueen Bean Casserole
If you MUST make the obligatory green bean casserole, at least try Kyle’s version. No cream-of-anything soup required.

Click here for the recipe

We’ve got more recipes on our Queer In The Kitchen channel on gaylistdaily.com, as well as a Thanksgiving cheat sheet that’ll make sure your turkey isn’t, well, a turkey.




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