Moxie Mo: Apple Promises New Products


Apple’s 2nd quarter earnings release happened today and everyone is talking about what Apple’s CEO promised is coming this year! Will new products or services be on their way? Plus, a hacked tweet causes mass panic and causes the Stock Market to fall more than 100 points. We’ve got the latest on this breaking news story!

Apple Promises Big Things to Come?
It was a big day for Apple as they announced their 2nd quarter earnings report as well as caught everyone’s attention when their CEO, Tim Cook, announced Apple has some big surprises coming later this year. What are those things and when will they arrive? We’ve got the scoop.

A Tweet Sends Stock Market Tumbling (Breaking News)
At 1:07pm today, a hacker broke into the Associated Press Twitter Account and tweeted a message about an explosion at the White House. See how this one tweet caused the world to panic and even affected the Stock Market by causing it to fall more than 100 points. Details inside this breaking news event.



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