Moxie Mo: Samsung Galaxy S4 Review


Even though the Apple iPhone is king of smartphones, the new Samsung Galaxy S4 is one that even has the Moxie Mo salivating. Check out the newest, smartest and moxiest phone on the market… for now!

Samsung Galaxy S4:

Samsung’s next-gen smartphone, the Galaxy S4, is an amazing piece of technology. Sure, it appears to look very similar to the Samsung Galaxy S3, but it has a whole bunch of new hardware and software improvements, including an amazing 13-megapixel camera. The hardware isn’t what has everyone talking… it’s what the software and the new S4 features have, including “touch-free” Air Gestures, incredible “smart phone” technology, new camera functionality, “Life Companion” health monitoring and several new features that make this a phone better than the iPhone 5. Check out the Moxie Mo’s review on what he thinks is the most powerful phone yet.



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