Moxie Mo: New 4K Ultra HDTVs


The holidays are over and the latest gadgets will be unveiled at this year’s Consumer Electronics Show! Check out the new 4k Ultra HDTVs that are SO MUCH better than your current TV. Also is Apple already working on a newer, cheaper iPhone? We’ve got the scoop! And breaking news, Facebook invites the media to a big event next week, what’s it about?

New 4K Ultra-HDTV
If 1080p HD is amazing to you, you won’t believe the newest HDTVs that have been unveiled at this year’s CES show. Sony’s new 4K HDTV has everyone talking because it’s 4 times more higher-def than your current HDTV. Check out all the new Ultra HDTVs that were released today. You’ll be amazed.

New Cheaper iPhone Coming?
The Wall Street Journal reported that Apple is currently working on a new, cheaper iPhone which will arrive some time this year. We’ve got the latest scoop on how Apple plans to make the most wanted smartphone cheaper.

Facebook Event Coming Next Week!
Breaking News… Facebook just sent invites about a big event which will happen next week… what’s it about? Here’s the scoop.



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