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Shore Leave

Let’s face it. There’s not an inch of Texas that’s cool right now. 98 Degrees used to be a dreamy boy band. Now it’s the overnight low. So with all this hellacious heat, there’s one sure-fire way to enjoy it. Hit the beach.

It doesn’t have to cost a fortune, take a ton of planning or more than a weekend to recharge on the warm sandy shores of Galveston Island. It’s just the latest destination in our Road Trip Series that started in Shreveport, Louisiana. So grab an umbrella, a couple of lawn chairs, your favorite swimsuit and not much else. In five hours or less from Dallas, you can be sipping a cocktail and listening to the waves crashing around you.

It had been years since we’d visited Galveston Island and our memories were mostly of cloudy water and what we swear was a minor shark attack. But that was in our more dramatic formative years. We now see it for the beauty, charm and history that have made this one of the great Texas destinations. And you know what? Sitting in the shade with the ocean breeze blowing through our beaded hair, it’s practically chilly. Brrrr.

There’s so much character inherent to a city that has overcome great natural disasters to triumph and come back stronger. It’s one of those places that makes you forget you’re in the same state. And isn’t that what we all want on a vacation?

We stayed in the Strand District at the Tremont House, a wonderful historic hotel in a building erected in 1879. In between naps in our luxurious bed, we ate great food, drank ourselves sillier, and even took some time out to see some of the many attractions that make island life a laid-back pleasure.

Sure, we’re still finding sand in odd places, but that’s okay. Every grain reminds us of our weekend in close-to-home paradise.

And the hot lifeguard who gave us mouth-to-mouth even though we were nowhere near the water.


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