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PS, We Love You – Win A Fab Vacation

PS We Love YouEven while much of the good ol’ US of A is experiencing chilly temperatures and wreaking havoc on our once-luscious lips, it’s always sunny in Palm Springs (sorry, Philly). Not only is it great to experience the warm desert air, but Palm Springs is about as gay a destination as they come. With more than 30 gay and lesbian-owned or operated resorts and guest houses, there’s something for every budget, and every lifestyle (Nudie, Nudie, Nudie!).

Best of all, the good folks of Palm Springs are giving away a six-day, five-night dream vacation. Simply click here to register by April 1, 2010. Airfare AND accommodations are included.  This is just like The Price Is Right without risking back injury from spinning the big wheel!

But even if you don’t get the free trip, you can still come out a winner. With coupon offers (some over $70) on rooms, restaurants and activities, planning a trip can help you keep more dollar bills in your pocket for important things like coffee. Taxi fare. And tips for strippers. Click Here for Coupons Galore!

For more details on Palm Springs, visit www.psgaytravel.com



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