Put Some Gay In Your Day!

English Class

Poet Laureate Homer Simpson once said that he liked his beer cold, his TV loud, and his homosexuals flaming.

Amen, Duff brother.

So, you can imagine our shock when we discovered Juicy Couture’s Dirty English men’s beauty line and – dare we say it – loved it.

Wait, huh? Juicy Couture? The company that made the velour tracksuit come back into style? The brand that bathes itself in bubble gum pink and gladly dresses up miniature dogs across the country? The gaylicious company that has infiltrated sweet sixteen parties across all fifty United Juicy States of America?

Yes, that Juicy Couture has now made one of the most masculine, sexy fragrances to permeate the men’s beauty market in a long time.

A few dabs on the neck will make the boys flock to you.

Top notes of peppered mandarin and blue cypress are bold and lovely, and they give way to sultry, deep under-notes of black leather and ebony wood. As the fragrance wears, the tones resolve into light spicy and floral scents.

Juicy knows a hot thing when they see it. They’ve built a whole men’s line under the Dirty English scent. Especially wonderful is the gift set, which features the English cream aftershave soother, de-funk deodorant and the aforementioned fantastic eau de toilette.

With the holidays around the corner, this could be a great gift for your hubby. Or yourself.

$52, fragrance only
$85, as a gift set



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