Bend It Like Bikram


Like an unwelcome rash, the holidays are nearly upon us all. Nothing stirs feelings of love like those blessed days of the year when us gays return home to our families and enjoy feasts of turkey and guilt.

Need a relaxation release? Allow letsdoyoga to give you some tips.

Letsdoyoga.com is offering two fabulous books for holiday shoppers, ABS! and Beginning Yoga, A Practice Manual, as a combo for a special price of forty bucks.

Shania Twain proved that everything’s better when jazzed up with an exclamation mark, and ABS! is no exception. For reals! It offers fifty fab ab exercises to tone up your tummy.

People of all fitness levels can get physical using ABS! – but make sure you’ve got your best Olivia Newton-John headband ready.

Beginning Yoga, A Practice Manual is perfect for newbies hoping to increase their bendiness. The visual guides are easy to follow, and the benefits are broad. Your sex life will no doubt improve. You’ll have more energy and focus.

Best of all, you can do these postures in the privacy of your own home, so no one will laugh when you fall over while trying to do a scorpion.

Just one criticism: the books have a disappointing lack of shirtless men in them. But really, anything that makes us look better naked is a welcome treat.

That’s something to give thanks for.

$40 for both



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