He’s Bringing Schticky Back


OK, we fell for it. All the buzz surrounding Justin Timberlake’s Speedo scene in The Love Guru had us more intrigued than Denise Richards trying to open a bottle of pills with a child safety cap. The rumors of Justin’s huge “timber” being airbrushed out because it was “just too big” offered up some great free publicity for the new Mike Myers flick and plenty of speculation in the gay community.

But given that Timberlake’s character, Jacques “Le Coq” Grande, is a Canadian hockey player with a Céline Dion fetish and the largest schlong in professional sports, we tend to think the extra-large bulge was completely intentional, real or otherwise. With a tattoo on his chiseled torso and an arrow pointing up with the words “The Man” and an arrow pointing down accompanied by “The Legend,” the controversy should be put to rest once and for all.

That said, we were caught completely off guard when, lo and behold, we actually laughed out loud during The Love Guru. A lot. From inspired opening credits that Dolly Parton couldn’t have fathomed in her worst nightmares, we were hooked. Granted, it’s Myers’ same old punny schtick, complete with plenty of disgusting bathroom jokes, creative sight gags and super meta humor.

It could’ve easily been the fourth Austin Powers installment, but by bringing to life a new set of characters, Myers proves that his trademark formula is pretty fool-proof as long as he keeps from over-saturating the market, like the Scary Movies and their spawn of low-brow parodies.

It’s been just long enough since the last Powers that it’s welcome again. And when he throws so many jokes at the screen like baboons in a cage tossing poo at the wall, more often than not, something’s gonna stick. Fortunately the ratio of hits is greater than the misses.

Timberlake may just have a future in comedy thanks to this exuberant performance. And as long as he continues to strip down for the camera, we’ll be first in line.

The Love Guru
Running Time: 89 minutes
Rated PG-13
Starring: Mike Myers, Jessica Alba, Justin Timberlake, Ben Kingsley Verne Troyer
Written by: Mike Myers & Graham Cordy
Directed by: Marco Schnabel



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