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Let’s face it: except for a few fierce bright spots like the return of Project Runway and Angelina Jolie as a smokin’ sexy assassin, this summer’s box office and boob tube lineups are nothing more than hot tranny messes.

Fear not, trusty viewers – like a shirtless lifeguard from Baywatch, Hulu has run to the rescue. Brought to you by the nice folks at NBC, the A/V geniuses at Hulu are slowly amassing a kick-ass collection of clips and full-length features, all stored on its website for free.

You’ll spend hours replaying cinematic gems like Moonstruck, Lost in Translation, and the drag-tastic Some Like It Hot. On the TV side, channel surf through shows like Arrested Development, Make Me A Supermodel, Buffy the Vampire Slayer, 30 Rock and Battlestar Galactica.

Our top recommendation? Attack of the Puppet People. Preferably watched with a box of Franzia.

Hulu’s great programming is expanding quicker than a Law & Order spin-off. Every day this summer, Hulu will debut a new film or television show on its site. Hulu’s sleek, beautiful and easy-to-use interface delivers streaming content in high definition at the click of a button. From your Hulu profile, you can establish a queue of flicks, shout out your personal favorites, and share vids on MySpace and Facebook.

Pretty, fun, and free? This sounds like the beginning of a beautiful, time-wasting summer fling.

Online at www.hulu.com.



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