52-Card Call Out


For some people it’s babies and puppies that warm the cockles of the heart. But since we’re a bit more jaded, our joy comes from watching those holier-than-thou political types come crashing down amidst a juicy political scandal.

Oh, and the best is when they catch the homophobes who’ve tried to pass every anti-gay law short of No Square-Cut Undies in some kind of lurid bathroom escapade.

Funny thing is that it’s not just the gays who are making it a point to heckle the hypocrites. In fact, it was three straight college friends who realized there were enough allegedly “straight” guys with their feet on the wrong side of the bathroom stall to fill a deck of cards. Thus, Gay Republican Hypocrites Playing Cards were born.

And the gang’s all here, ready for you to play with their deck. There’s reporter and male escort James Dale Guckert, a.k.a. Jeff Gannon, or as his clients call him, “Bulldog.” Or what about Ted Arthur Haggard, formerly of the National Association of Evangelicals, who’s now on the other end of the shame finger after indulging in a little Meth and man-on-man action. And rounding it out, everybody’s favorite confused grandpa Larry Craig joins the crew following his tete-a-tap in the Minneapolis-St. Paul Airport men’s room.

Just think how great these cards will go with your wives-of-politicians-busted-with-high-price-hookers poker chips. Let the games begin.

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